Monday, 13 January 2014

Globalisation. A short summary

Its just a small piece I wrote for university and thought of sharing it with you all as well if it comes of any importance for your assignments.

             The term globalization is loosely used with the intention to describe the process of connecting local societies to one and another. It has been argued that globalization is not a new phenomenon, but has its roots in the age of colonial development. At any point man began to trade outside their territories, started talking to each other, started making treaties, that point was the birth of the phenomena of inter-connecting societies. However, its modern and diplomatic use can be dated to 1983, when Levitt’s article “The Globalization of Markets” was published. This process has both advantages and disadvantages and thus, this essay will point out the winners of both of the leagues.
   The first advantage will be how efficient this idea has made the world trade. An indication to the positive effect of cross-border world trade, as a percentage of global GDP, was 15 percent in 1990 but is expected to reach 30 percent by 2015. It will not be wrong for a layman to say every society has its strengths. Same goes for what they have on the table. Some portions of the world are remarkable in technology such as Japan, USA and India. Some has the best conditions for agriculture such as USA, China or Pakistan. Regardless the distance, the strengths of every country is available everywhere.

   Globalization has also improved the diplomatic and political status of the nations of the world. It creates opportunities of mutual growth between governments through business and overall connectivity thus, boosts positivity all around. Which includes everything from cheaper communication, market liberation, less differences and global harmony among mankind.
   On the other hand, same great process is capable of acting very negatively on the planet we call earth. One of the most important public effect which can easily be spread due to faster and easier transportation is the carriage of disease. Emergence of HIV from Africa but now is a problem for the whole world. This also proved correct in the recent bird’s flu disease which affected many Asian countries over a short period of time.
   Another damage connectivity is doing to the world is easy exploitation. Big corporations and businesses tend towards the poorer countries which has low labor cost and a lot of profit is made on that. Same concept increases market competition in the richer countries which overall is decreasing the standard of living. That includes unemployment and lower wages.
   In conclusion, globalization is a very important phenomenon which has linked the countries of the world through many different perspectives whether it be trade or diplomacy. Instead of smaller units, It brought one big business market for us. This process has both negative and positive effects on today’s society. Since the process is mature enough it can be made to use effectively now. It should be carved in such a way that the negative aspects are eradicated and through mutual cooperation, make it work towards building a better, safer and much happier home for all of us.