Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Know Your Self

Ever heard of the unequivocal statement of Socrates "Life unexamined is not worth living" ? did or did not, either way its true :p.. knowing your purpose and fulfilling it, life cannot be more logical then that..
Lets share in a little secret of mine 8)

MUSIC. yes it was as simple as music for me. Listen to music and listen to it carefully. Listen to the soul of the artist recording it.

I dont just listen to it, i sweat with it. being a guitarist myself, i can ensure you music is not a bad thing. When iam with the six stringer, every note i play. Consciously or unconsciously. Musically attractive or not. It represents something. I would play smooth if iam relaxed. Fast if iam progressive. The melody lines dropping from my fingers, they represent me like nothing else. It seems as its its the visual display of what iam. Or what iam at that moment.

It is creative aspect of ones man life which brings him closer to himself.. you are close to nature when you are creative about something.. oh and well creativity is divine :D

Music helped me. But im not sure if it will help you.. just find your artist and invest in knowing who you are. Looking around people and seeing how illogically life is spent these days gives me creeps.
Good luck &  Good day :)