Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crap! my baby broke :(

I just love the sound that comes from the acoustic guitar. Yes i'm a guitarist \m/.

Do you know the feeling when you save up for something so important to you, you spend less and add every bit of money to the savings, and after you get it, someone with the slightest touch of hand breaks it ?

I cant believe all this just consumed two lines -.-.

So it happened while my maid was cleaning my room and accidentally dropped it. Dropped it so hard that it broke into two freaking parts. It was like a dream. A nightmare actually. My baby, my guitar that has been the "sound" of so many late night melodies fell from my finger tips in slow motion is now in two pieces. That sucks big time, especially when a lot of events are coming where you have to play.

I need it to be fixed, can it be fixed ? even then it wont be the same :/, for all layman, instruments of musicians are very dear to them. Don't mess with instruments, they are costly too.

Word of advice, Take care of your guitar man, don't ever let it break.