Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Everyone is given a box of colors in kindergarten

         Everyone is made creative by default. Everyone is then given a box of colors in kindergarten. Then when you hit puberty they take the colors away and replace them with books on algebra and theorems etc. Being hit suddenly with the creative bug is just a wee voice telling you, "Id like my colors back, please."

          So you've got the itch to do something. Write a screenplay, start a painting, write a book, turn your recipe for fudge brownies into a proper business, pick up your instrument or whatever. You don't know where the itch came from, it's almost like it just arrived on your doorstep, uninvited. Until now you were quite happy being a regular person...

Until now.

          You don't know if you're any good or not, but you'd think you could be. And the idea terrifies you. The problem is, even if you are good, you know nothing about this kind of business. You don't know any publishers or agents or all these fancy kind of folks. You have no idea how the music industry revolves. You have a friend who's got a cousin in California who's into this kind of stuff, but you haven't talked to your friend for over two years..

          Besides, if you write a book, what if you can't find a publisher? If you write a screenplay, what if you can't find a producer? And what if the producer turns out to be a crook? What if what you play doesn't count as professional. You've always worked hard your whole life, you'll be damned if you'll put all that effort into something if there ain't no pot of gold at the end of this dumb-ass rainbow..

          Heh! That's not your wee voice asking for the colors back. That's your outer voice, your adult voice, your boring & tedious voice trying to find a way to get the wee colors voice to shut the hell up.

          Your wee voice doesn't want you to sell something. Your wee voice wants you to make something. There's a big difference. Your wee voice doesn't give a damn about publishers or Hollywood producers.

        Go ahead and make something. Make something really special. Make something amazing that will really blow the mind of anybody who sees it.

If you try to make something just to fit your uninformed view of some hypothetical market, you will fail. If you make something special and powerful and honest and true, you will succeed.

The wee voice didn't show up because it decided you need more money or you need to hang out with movie stars. Your wee voice came back because your soul somehow depends on it. There's something you haven't said, something you haven't done, some light that needs to be switched on, and it needs to be taken care of. Now.

So you have to listen to the wee voice or it will die... taking a big chunk of you along with it.

They're only colors. You didn't fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?

It doesn't matter how talented or creative one is or who's cup of tea it really is. The point is, we all have that kind of urge, and it should be listened to.

I'm into guitars and blues and music. Should it be taken for a future in Pakistan ? I Dunno. It's the best I can do at this point, and it's very satisfying. When i create something, I'll probably go look and see who else might like it.

"Create and share with people, only this makes the world a better place to live in"

Gulfam Zebayee